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Penelope 622 Black, M73, C73. B5, E95
$ 2,100.00

This bedroom set offers an elegant blend of traditional elements with modern simplicity of lines that produces a unique and rich flair perfect for any contemporary bedroom. In the standard set you are offered a storage bed, two nightstands, dresser and a mirror. The set oozes a luxurious Hollywood chic that you can bring and enjoy in your own private haven.

Collection:Dupen Furniture, Spain Stock Status:In Stock

Available Set Pieces
Penelope Bed KS Black
Width: 83.00  
Depth: 89.00  
Height: 45.00  
Weight: 323.00  
Penelope Bed QS Black
Width: 66.00  
Depth: 89.00  
Height: 45.00  
Weight: 300.00  
M73 Nightstand Black
Width: 23.00  
Depth: 17.00  
Height: 16.00  
Weight: 44.00  
C73 Dresser Black
Width: 44.00  
Depth: 20.00  
Height: 31.00  
Weight: 150.00  
E94 Mirror Silver
Width: 41.00  
Depth: 2.00  
Height: 28.00  
Weight: 30.00