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Matrix Composition 7 with Beige headboard
$ 3,202.50

This Modern Sexy European style Bedroom Set offers timeless beauty for your home decor. Finished in beautiful high gloss wood grain lacquer with eco-leather accents these items will provide all of your bedroom furniture needs. Straight panels are in chipboard, then veneered (veneer being a thin layer of solid wood); then the veneers are lacquered using a 6 steps/layers of UV high gloss polyester lacquer. Manufactured according to European and international standards. Made in Italy Matrix bedroom is veneered with Italian dark walnut which, in nature, is much lighter than how it appears on the bedroom. Once the walnut has been applied on the panel It is then slightly tinted to obtain a darker-warmer effect. After the wanted colour has been obtained the panels are coated with a transparent varnish-lacquer where the percentage of GLOSS is 100. If the percentage of GLOSS was, as an example 50, we would have obtained a semi gloss panel; 10 = MAT. In addition to this , on the fronts of the nightable and dresser drawers the veneer is cut and joined according to a herring bone pattern so as to allow the panel itself to play with the light adding character to the bedroom.

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Available Set Pieces
Matrix Boiserie Maxi QS Bed w/Lights
Width: 126.00  
Depth: 85.50  
Height: 41.00  
Weight: 266.00  
Matrix Boiserie Maxi KS Bed w/Lights
Width: 140.00  
Depth: 85.50  
Height: 41.00  
Weight: 292.00  
Wooden Slats Frame QS
Width: 60.00  
Depth: 79.00  
Height: 11.00  
Weight: 18.00  
Wooden Slats Frame KS
Width: 382.00  
Depth: 79.00  
Height: 11.00  
Weight: 30.00  
Matrix Maxi Nightstand
Width: 29.50  
Depth: 16.50  
Height: 21.00  
Weight: 66.00  
Matrix Vanity Dresser
Width: 70.00  
Depth: 16.50  
Height: 30.50  
Weight: 136.00  
Matrix Mirror
Width: 47.50  
Depth: 1.00  
Height: 35.50  
Weight: 29.00  
Retro Mirror
Width: 46.00  
Depth: 2.00  
Height: 30.00  
Weight: 25.00  
Matrix Chest
Width: 38.00  
Depth: 19.00  
Height: 54.00  
Weight: 191.00  
Matrix 4-Door Wardrobe
Width: 74.00  
Depth: 24.00  
Height: 90.00  
Weight: 389.00  
Matrix Armchair
Width: 21.50  
Depth: 20.50  
Height: 29.00  
Weight: 24.00