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Madrid 611, M75, C75
$ 1,692.00

PRICE INCLUDES 20% DISCOUNT. Contemporary European style bedroom set features simple straight lines and shapes, dark brown color and leather accent on bed headboard. This collection is pure simplicity with no additional details and accents. Metal pieces legs and details and leather accents make this collection more modern. This set will be perfect for your modern designed bedroom. The entire set consist of Queen Size Bed, two Nightstands, Dresser and Mirror. The Bed is available in Queen or King Sizes. For your convenience and the best design you can add Six (6) Drawers Chest and Man's Chest to this collection. Leather Headboard. Made in Spain

Collection:Dupen Furniture, Spain Stock Status:In Stock

Available Set Pieces
Madrid Bed K.S. including Wooden Spring K.S.
Width: 82.00  
Depth: 87.00  
Height: 37.00  
Weight: 196.00  
Madrid Bed Q.S. including Wooden Spring Q.S.
Width: 68.00  
Depth: 87.00  
Height: 37.00  
Weight: 185.00  
M75 Nightstand Wenge Madrid
Width: 22.00  
Depth: 16.00  
Height: 17.00  
Weight: 53.00  
C75 Dresser Wenge Madrid
Width: 51.00  
Depth: 20.00  
Height: 34.00  
Weight: 223.00  
Madrid Mirror E79
Width: 43.00  
Depth: 1.00  
Height: 24.00  
Weight: 29.00  
Madrid 6-Drawer Chest Wenge
Width: 24.00  
Depth: 18.00  
Height: 47.00  
Weight: 230.00  
Madrid 2-Door Wardrobe Wenge
Width: 35.00  
Depth: 23.00  
Height: 85.00  
Weight: 190.00  
E73 Free Standing Mirror
Width: 0.00  
Depth: 0.00  
Height: 0.00  
Weight: 0.00