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La Star Beige Comp 3 w/Plano Bed
$ 4,192.50

This Modern Sexy European style Bedroom Set offers timeless beauty for your home decor. Finished in beautiful high gloss beige lacquer with eco-leather accents these items will provide all of your bedroom furniture needs. The bed is available in Queen and King sizes. Straight panels are in chipboard, then veneered (veneer being a thin layer of solid wood); then the veneers are lacquered using a 6 steps/layers of UV high gloss polyester lacquer. Manufactured according to European and international standards. Made in Italy

Collection:Camelgroup, Italy Stock Status:In Stock

Available Set Pieces
Plano Bed Beige QS w/Frame
Width: 68.00  
Depth: 82.00  
Height: 40.00  
Weight: 182.00  
Plano Bed Beige KS w/Frame
Width: 82.00  
Depth: 82.00  
Height: 40.00  
Weight: 227.00  
La Star Beige Maxi Nightstand
Width: 28.00  
Depth: 18.00  
Height: 17.00  
Weight: 70.00  
La Star Beige Double Dresser
Width: 71.00  
Depth: 20.00  
Height: 30.00  
Weight: 194.00  
La Star Beige Maxi Mirror
Width: 63.00  
Depth: 2.00  
Height: 31.50  
Weight: 56.00