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2110 Beige/White Bed + N007 Nightstands
$ 1,410.00

This bedroom set offers an elegant blend of traditional elements with modern simplicity of lines that produces a unique and rich flair perfect for any contemporary bedroom. Night tables are upholstered in beige leather. The bed is upholstered in white and beige leather match and deliveres ultimate luxury that you can bring and enjoy in your own private haven.

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Available Set Pieces
2110 Beige/White Bed KS w/Frame
Width: 85.50  
Depth: 95.50  
Height: 10.54  
Weight: 0.00  
2110 Beige/White Bed QS w/Frame
Width: 68.50  
Depth: 95.50  
Height: 10.54  
Weight: 0.00  
N007 Nightstand Beige
Width: 18.00  
Depth: 18.00  
Height: 18.00  
Weight: 0.00