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Planet Mattress
$ 585.00

Our memory foam mattress is made of revolutionary material developed by NASA to relieve unnecessary pressure and extreme G-force faced by astronauts. This remarkable material senses your body temperature and weight and conforms perfectly to your body mass, distributing your body weight evenly and keeping your spine in perfect alignment. It is now the first choice in hospitals, operating rooms and now also in our homes. Memory foam had revolutionized the mattress world because of its many qualities and benefits for our health.

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Available Set Pieces
Queen Size Planet Memory Foam Mattress
Width: 60.00  
Depth: 79.00  
Height: 8.00  
Weight: 30.00  
King Size Planet Memory Foam Mattress
Width: 76.00  
Depth: 79.00  
Height: 8.00  
Weight: 38.00