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Gel Mattress
$ 840.00

The gel in your mattress provides a cooling effect, reducing bed humidity. It ventilates and generates a very pleasant thermo feeling throughout the sleeping surface. It helps to maintain an even distribution of body temperature. It improves blood circulation, relieves body pressure points, as well as back and neck pain. Gel mattress has been used extensively in therapeutic care by hospitals. We now offer it for home use. The combination of gel and memory foam exceeds sleeping comfort by any type of mattresses available on the market today.

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Available Set Pieces
Queen Size Gel Mattress
Width: 60.00  
Depth: 79.00  
Height: 9.00  
Weight: 39.00  
King Size Gel Mattress
Width: 76.00  
Depth: 79.00  
Height: 9.00  
Weight: 52.00